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Noelle Chandler began reading at two years old, following the words of endless bedtime stories her father read faithfully every night after twelve-hour plus shifts at work. Years later, at the height of her period of literary exploration, she was reading an average of 300 pages of fiction a day.

By the time she reached high school, she'd grudgingly accepted that she was not, in fact, the smartest person in the world, and realized that the only thing she didn't suck at was writing. Her fate decided, she revised her dreams of fame, gold-plated shark tanks and chocolate-filled hot tubs to accommodate a slightly lower yearly income based on the charity of people who do have those things while she lives in her parents' basement and works on a best-selling novel.

In December 2011 Noelle became the first person ever to graduate from Truman State University with a BFA in Creative Writing. By the time she finished school she found herself with a degree, a husband, a baby and a cat. She spends most of her time with a baby glued to her boobs, and splits the rest between writing, settling Catan, and generally being awesome.